Timeless Speech Topics

Leadership is Common Sense: 
Lessons from a Lifetime of Success
Leading an organization and removing the obstacles that keep people from being successful is a fulfilling experience—but sometimes leadership is not pretty. A passionate business evangelist who has made tough choices in the pursuit of growing his organization, Herman Cain delivers a powerful, back-to-basics message on what leaders must do to achieve their desired results including the critical steps they must take to turn failing situations into successes. Using his own uplifting story of coming from humble beginnings to achieving success at the highest levels of corporate America, Cain highlights the importance of inspiring extraordinary achievement in others—and that like him, anyone can still rise to the top of any organization and in any field.
Keeping the American Dream Alive:
The Case for Economic Freedom
As Washington throws more money—and fewer good solutions—at long standing social and economic problems, every day American’s are quickly becoming impatient with a government that is not working for them. In a stirring presentation that serves as a wake-up call—to both politicians in Washington and those who hold them accountable at the voting booth—Cain shows how the government needs to work on the right problems to achieve the right results for issues that are vital to America's future. A new voice for common sense, Cain speaks passionately on strengthening national security, ending tsunami spending, reducing the corporate tax to create more jobs and above all, defending the Constitution and the rights that it guarantees to every American. A life-long political activist, Cain shows others how to get involved in holding the government accountable to create the right change for the United States.
Success is a Journey
The inspirational story of one man. Herman Cain tells of a humble beginning and his subsequent rise to achieve the American dream in such an uplifting way that audiences are moved by his example. Touching on the importance of family, spirituality and perseverance, Herman Cain uses his gifts of captivating speech and humor to paint so vivid a portrait of achievement that his audiences will absolutely believe that their American dream is still attainable! Herman Cain has lived the message that "Success is a Journey..." and not a destination! - and his message of hope and determination prevails.
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