Herman's Links:     Research and information from Herman's Former Radio Show
Below you will find links to websites, articles, and other resources that Herman used as research for THE Herman Cain Show.
(Please note that links are from outside sources and may have been changed.)

Fast Facts: Expiring Tax Cuts
2011 Brings Largest Hikes in History
2011 Income Tax Calculator
The Historical Lessons of Lower Tax Rates
Dems $670-Billion Tax Increases (PDF)
Herman Answers FairTax FAQs
ABCs of the FairTax
Tax Burdens by Different Incomes (PDF)
Expired Tax Rates Means Higher Taxes (PDF)
Income Tax Brackets
No Death Tax
Internal Revenue Service
Congressional Budget Office
Tsunami Spending
The Revenue Limits of Tax and Spend
Ryan: Hiding Spending Doesn't Reduce Spending
WSJ: Why Gov't Can't Run a Business
Rep Kingston: Trillion-dollar Bait & Switch (PDF)
U.S. Debt Clock
How the Fed is Set Up and Works (PDF)
20 Reasons Global Debt Time Bomb Explodes Soon
George Will: Upside-Down Economy
WSJ: A 40-Year Wish List
How the Mortgage Crisis Happened
Video: Timeline of Financial Crisis Warnings
GOP Offers Plan for Recovery (PDF)
Federal Revenue and Spending Charts
National Security
Movie Trailer: 33 Minutes
Peter Brookes: Atomic Ayatollahs
19 Terrorist Attacks Thwarted Since 9/11
Life and Liberty
Pledge to America (PDF)
Patriotic Response to President of Mexico
Paul Ryan: Roadmap for America's Future
GOP Better Solutions Compilation (PDF)
PRAVDA Article: America's Descent into Marxism
Canada: Americans Silent as Nation is Destroyed
Gingrich: 9 Acts to Restore the GOP Brand
Conservatives Are Happier Than Liberals
NCPA: Does it Pay to Work More?
World's Smallest Political Quiz

Health Care Reform
HR 3400 - The Republican Alternative
Grace-Marie Turner: A Hard Sell
Summary of the New Health Care Law (PDF)
159 Bureaucracies of Obamacare (PDF)
Rep. Rogers' Statement on Health Care Reform
Virginia Foxx On Health Care
Pelosi's New Health Care Bill (PDF)
Docs4PatientCare Reform Video
Whole Foods CEO: Obamacare Alternatives
Dr. Betsy McCaughey Articles/Interview
Conservative Action Project: Letter to Congress
Dems Block GOP Health Care Mailing
Fact Sheet: America's Uninsured
Canada's ObamaCare Precedent
House GOP Outlines Health Care Reform Bill
Ed Feulner's Open Letter on Health Care
Herman's Special Health Care Series
How Socialized Medicine Doesn't Work
America’s Socialized Health Care (PDF)
Energy Independence
The Great Climate Change Scandal
Alan Carlin's EPA Climate Change Report (PDF)
Cap & Trade: THE TRUTH
AJC: Drilling Down on Oil
Gas Saving Techniques
Use of Profits By Major Oil Companies (PDF)
A Good Map of ANWR