About the Intelligent Thinkers Movement

As you may know, I have been very busy recently. Our efforts to get this country back on track have allowed me to meet thousands of people in every state but it has also temporarily guided me away from HITM. We are making progress though! 
While the CAIN Alerts may be on hiatus, Herman's Intelligent Thinkers Movement continues on.  Continue to make your voices heard by contacting your representatives and writing your elected officials.  Stay tuned...the HITM wagon is still rolling...

The voice of “we the people” has been hijacked by partisan politics, government bureaucrats, and the influence of money on elections and legislation. To take back our government, we must be able to un-elect members of Congress on a timely basis, and dramatically influence their decisions while they are in office.


Well in November 2010 America did just that!


Now, because of the proliferation of biased media reporting, gullible voters, and too many in Congress who willingly and intentionally make deceptive and misleading statements about proposed legislation, “we the people” must be able to provide succinct and intelligent feedback to Congress frequently and persistently.


“We the people” can and will take back our government and the strategic direction of this Nation. It is our right and responsibility.


This is NOT a republican, democrat, libertarian, conservative, liberal, or progressives movement. This is a “we the people” movement.



Take Back Our Government (TBOG)



Create a technologically empowered citizen’s activist movement to put “heat” on Congress on “KEY” actions.



  1. Create a rapid response network of citizens through
    Email, phone calling post and ready to send post cards
  2. Organize citizens by State and Congressional districts
  3. Issue C.A.I.N. Alerts on current initiatives moving through Congress relating to HITM key issues


C.A.I.N. Alerts

Citizen Activists Informed Network (CAIN) Alerts will be sent out periodically:

  • requesting you to respond to your Members of Congress about a specific issue or legislation
  • informing you of key activities and happenings in Congress    


The Alerts will be activated at critical times in the legislative process. They will directly relate to HITM key issues or related proposals and they will be sent out by email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and eventually text message.


The CAIN Alerts will be simple and clearly explained; which is notoriously the exact opposite of what happens throughout the legislative process. 


Few legislative proposals move through Congress “clean”. They are usually a hodgepodge of proposals attached to major proposals using a procedural mechanism called earmarks. “We the people” never hear about most of these until after the fact, because they cannot be easily explained in a media sound-bite. This is why bad laws continue to get passed and federal spending has only an upward momentum.


To prepare for the Alerts you must do some homework. The common sense strategic principles on each of HITM’s key issues are a start. A condensed collection of articles, audios, videos and links on the issues can be found on the HITM website (http://www.thinkersvoice.com).


We are not in this fight alone. Like minded organizations are listed under “HITM’s Allies” on the upper menu of this page. You are encouraged to visit their websites.

Remember, you just might learn something!




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A little bit of your time is all that’s required.

Them that's going, get on the wagon. Them that aint, get out of the way!
- My grandfather